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In business since 2013 we offer over 30 years of experience in engine and transmission repair as well as general repairs and maintenance.

For your convenience we are also affiliated with the ARI and Enterprise Fleet Maintenance Programs.


Ron Meiser

Ron is the Owner and lead technician.

With almost 30 years experience Ron is ASE certified as well as Pa state safety and emissions certified.

Ron has also taught automatic and manual transmission at Universal Technical Institute and is experienced in Diesel 

repair and performance

Mike Stewart

Mike is our technician

With several years experience Mike is Pa state safety and emissions certified.

Mike has experience in general and Diesel repair and performance.

Elaine Meiser

Elaine is our Office Manager and is in charge of our social media.

Louanne Kasperowicz

Louanne is our Finance Manager

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Great guys who are a contribution to the community! Fast and fair priced work not out to rob your wallet. Give them a look and I think you'll be pleased

Alister Jaffe

Testimonial from our client

Honest and fair, a triple A in my book. I recommend all local drivers get their vehicles serviced and inspected by this shop

Sean Kre


Spring has sprung and the winter weather has caused many potholes.  It's probably a no=brainer that they in turn can cause major damage.

When your vehicle experiences the sudden jolt from a pothole getting any damage checked as quickly as possible

The potential damage that can occur would be alignment issues, tire punctures, wheel rim damage, excessive wear on shocks and struts, broken suspension components, exhaust system damage and potential engine damage


Winter is here is your car ready

We will be starting a series of blogs on winter maintenance.  Safety begins by being able to "grab"  the road. Pennsylvania safety inspections require that the tread be more than…

Another important item for winter driving safety are your wiper blades.

They tend to be an overlooked part of your vehicles safety systems making it hard to see the road and other hazards in inclement weather.

As they are made of rubber they can wear even with limited use.  It is advised that you inspect and replace if necessary every 6-12 months.

Replacing the blades can be a fairly simple task. 

First, measure or look in your cars manual for the correct blade size

Second, remove the old wiper blade

Third, attach the new blade and finally test them. Info from the Allstate blog

How to choose the correct antifreeze for winter

Antifreeze helps keep the engine cool in warm weather and from freezing in the winter.

Generally you will need a mixture of 60% antifreeze and 40% water. ( in extreme climates avoid using all water)

There are different types of antifreeze

regular green (inorganic acid technology)

Hybrid Organic Acid Technology 

yellow or orange which is a mix of organic and some corrosive inhibitors.

Be sure to check your manufacturers recommendations to be sure you are using the right one for your vehicle

This week we will continue with making sure you have adequate coolant.  Have you ever wondered when you should be adding to and changing your antifreeze?  Is your coolant below the fill line?  You should be able to just top it off. Just be sure you use the correct mix for your vehicle.

If the existing fluid is colorless, rusty, or has debris floating in it,  then it is  time to flush out all the old fluid and replace it.